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Premium Account

SaluSafe single user accounts provide access for your personal or small business needs. Securely access your online email and documents. Backup, store, and share your files securely. Securely email anyone, even those without a secure account.
  • secure email
  • secure online storage and file sharing
  • secure instant messaging
  • secure group instant messaging
  • choice of domain names
  • 5 email address
  • secure access from anywhere, desktop and mobile
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • no obligation, cancel at anytime
  • regular account backups
  • live chat and email support

SaluSafe Free Account

Experience SaluSafe’s unmatched security benefits with our free account service.
  • mandatory tag line
  • limited file and attachment size
  • must login every 30 days
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Business Account

SaluSafe multi-user accounts provide secure access for any size work group. Multi-user accounts include everything personal accounts do and these additional benefits:
  • ability to use your own domain name
  • administration management console
  • control over user accounts
  • 20 email addresses for each account
  • unlimited # of user accounts
  • large secure online storage capacity
  • automatic company contact list
  • 24/7 priority support