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Secure Online Drive

Organizations focus on streamlining the process of creating, sharing and storing information. The top three reasons why SaluSafe Secure Online Drive fits the bill are the Security, the Convenience and the Availability.

All your files are encrypted on your computer or device before being transmitted. No local copies are held, and any temporary files are securely wiped. Unauthorized parties, including our employees, cannot access your private and encrypted email.

Security Features

end-to-end encryption
data is encrypted on your device and decrypted on the recipient's end, data travels and is stored encrypted at all times, no re-encryption is required, no plain text access is possible at any location or point in time
secure wiping
any local copy held temporarily on your machine for viewing or editing is securely wiped upon logout
local access only
remote files are transmitted in the encrypted format and are only decrypted locally for viewing and editing, as soon as a file is saved it is encrypted and uploaded in the background, remote server is unable to read the file content
no local storage
files are not kept locally and any temporary files are securely wiped
safe alternative
provides easy to use alternative to grossly unsafe legacy file transfer methods such as physical media (e.g., tapes, CDs, DVDs, USB drives, etc.), file transfer protocol (FTP), personal e-mail accounts (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Convenience Features

keep your work flow
continue to work as before while securing your files and file transfers; once files are placed in the Secure Online Drive no concious choice is required by the user
send secured to anyone
send large files to anyone, recipient does not need to purchase a license, recipient does not need to establish account before receiving your files
receive secured
enable customers and suppliers to send you large files securely
multiple versions
automatically keep multiple versions of all files, go back and recover to an older version when needed
shared editing
collaborate with others, allow trusted individuals or groups access to some of your files, assign view and/or edit privileges

Individual and multi-user accounts are available. Multi-user accounts have shared storage capacity and user management console where you create and modify user accounts, control account security settings and assign access rights to shared sections.