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Secure Instant Messaging

Organizations focus on streamlining the process of creating, sharing and storing information. The top three reasons why SaluSafe Secure Online Drive fits the bill are the Security, the Convenience and the Availability.

All your files are encrypted on your computer or device before being transmitted. No local copies are held and any temporary files are securely wiped. Unauthorized parties, including our employees, cannot access your private and encrypted email.

Security Features

end-to-end encryption
data is encrypted on your device and decrypted on the recipient's end, data is stored and travels encrypted at all times, no re-encryption is required, no plain text access is possible at any location or point in time; this is in huge contrast to point to point SSL encryption where data can easily be intercepted at end points and servers
HIPAA compliant
connect with medical professionals to communicate safely and securely
trusted senders
no junk messages from unknown senders; permission based system prevents any unauthorized senders from sending you junk messages

Convenience Features

mobile and desktop
chat from mobile and a computer, start on one device and continue on the next
secure chat works between two individuals and between groups of any size
offline messages
send text messages to users who are offline, users will receive messages as soon as they login or return to the mobile coverage area, you do not need to remain logged in
file transfer
easy and fast file transfer, no limit to file size
persistent chats
share ideas, code, files with your team in real time, group chats are perfect for individual projects, teams, departments
complete chat history
catch up on things you missed and pickup where you left off from any device
instant notifications
with mobile push notifications and email notifications you are always up to date on important conversations

Individual and multi-user accouts are available. Multi-user accounts have shared storage capacity and user management console where you create and modify user accounts, control account security settings and assign access rights to shared sections.