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Secure Email

SaluSafe is the premier provider of secure email hosting and encrypted email hosting. Our automatic and transparent email encryption ensures end-to-end security that is unmatched in the industry while also being easy to use. With SaluSafe you can access your secure email account from any location and with any device.

In contrast to other security providers, all your email and files are encrypted on your computer or device before being transmitted. No local copies are held and any temporary files are securely wiped. Unauthorized parties, including our employees, cannot access your private and encrypted email.

Security Features

end-to-end encryption
messages and files are encrypted on your device and decrypted on the recipient's, at no point in time does the message travel, or is stored in plain text format
revoke message
ability to kill the message, regardless if it has been delivered or not
message expiry
set message expiry date and time, messages will not be readable after the expiration time
two factor authentication
optionally keep your account encryption keys locally or on a removable device
no metadata
secure emails are kept on our secure servers in the encrypted format, recipients who are members can elect not to receive any notification emails and are encouraged to use our mobile or desktop software to receive real time encrypted notifications of new content
no local storage
messages are not kept locally and any temporary files are securely wiped

Convenience Features

send secured to anyone
recipient of secured emails does not need to purchase a license, recipient does not need to establish account before receiving secured messages
multiple email addresse
use multiple email addresses on one account, change email address without changing the account, use multiple email domains, use your own domain, mix them up
large attachments
attachments are encrypted and can be of any size, the recipient can even start to receive it before you finish sending it - imagine the time you save when you are really in a hurry

Multi-user accouts have additional features such as the management console where you create and modify user accounts, control account security settings and assign access rights to shared sections.