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FAQs - Installation
How to I install SaluSafe on OS X Mountain Lion?

This is a simple fix to the ”App Can’t Be Opened Because It Was Not Downloaded From The Mac App Store" error in Mountain Lion. Apple made the default setting to only allow Apps downloaded from the App Store to run. This causes issues when using SaluSafe because it is not available from the Apple App Store.

This is the following error that you may have received:

2. Go to System Preferences:

3. Then under the Personal tab go to Security & Privacy:

4. Go to the General tab and unlock the menu:

5. Now under the Allow applications downloaded from section select Anywhere:

6. Now you should be able to successful run the app you were trying to run.

How do I install SaluSafe on a mobile device?
Installation on mobile devices is supported on all Android devices. To install SaluSafe, go to the Google Play Store, search for SaluSafe. Alternatively go to the download page and either follow the Google Play store link or download the APK directly. The APK is provided for side loading, but most users install the software from the Play store. At this time it is not possible to install the software on an iOS device. Users with iOS devices are encouraged to use the web login link provided in all notification messages.