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Download Secure Software

To use the SaluSafe secure service you need one of three things:

  • SaluSafe secure software installed on your computer, or
  • fully functional web browser with Java support, or
  • Android device. Any version above 2.2 will work, but the software is really designed for 4.0+.

By far the best option is to download and install the software on your machine. You will have very fast access to your secure account without dependence on your web browser.

OS Description Installation Package
SaluSafe for Windows Click to Download
SaluSafe for OS X Click to Download
SaluSafe for Linux and UNIX DEB RPM SH TAR.GZ
SaluSafe for Android Download APK
SaluSafe for Android Download from Google Play
SaluSafe for BlackBerry 10 Download BAR


Latest development source code is available from a public GitHub repository: