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Regulatory Compliance

Electronic communications technology is advancing at a rapid peace. Email is already the most used form of communication, and the use of wireless technologies facilitates "always-on" communication regardless of the physical location. The level of information dependency created a critical problem for the security and privacy of data. Many organizations need to comply with a myriad of standards and rules such as HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, SOX and others.

The unfortunate reality is that many organizations prefer the speed and capacity over the security and privacy of data, and only comply with legal requirements because they are forced to do so. The effect is the huge impact and costs associated with negative public relations when breaches inevitably occur. The security "sell" is an uphill battle, but once implemented the benefits and peace of mind far outweigh any feared "inconvenience".

Start complying. Take the first step and start complying. Any progress is progress. Just do it.

Create an education and awareness program. Weather in private business, military or government organization, your first line of defense is your educated personnel.

Decide upfront. Take the decision of using a secure system away from your people. Make them use a secure system for all their communications. Do not make them decide what is and what is not important. Assume everything is and you will save money and effort.

Individual and multi-user accouts are available. Multi-user accounts have shared storage capacity and user management console where you create and modify user accounts, control account security settings and assign access rights to shared sections.