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Secure Communication Benefits

We help you keep it confidential

Keep your emails and files private with SaluSafe. How do we do it? SaluSafe encrypts your online emails and files on your computer before you send them out. That means no one unintended, not even us, can read your encrypted emails and files.

SaluSafe is...

  • the highest level of commercial security
  • a cost effective way to achieve HIPAA readiness
  • an ideal way to send medical records, legal documents, business documents, unlimited size voice files and transcribed documents
  • the perfect solution for giving only authorized parties access to data and confidential records

SaluSafe is perfect for…

Anyone who wants the ultimate line of security defense for their online communication needs.


Hundreds of Healthcare professionals and companies already use SaluSafe to deliver patient records, lab records and medical transcription data to doctors, hospitals and clinics. SaluSafe is the ideal way to achieve HIPAA readiness.

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Attorneys and Legal professionals

SaluSafe is ideal for protecting attorney/client privilege without the hassle of setting up an elaborate and costly encryption system.

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Business and Banking

Each year thousands of people are negatively impacted due to compromised security on the part of a business. Everyday our customers utilize SaluSafe as the only way to deliver confidential reports and customer information. Protecting your client’s and business’s privacy is a key part to maintaining a trustworthy business reputation.

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